ORIGINA Pineapple Juice 220ml (25pcs)



RIGINA Pineapple juice is the best Pineapple juice not only in purest taste but also in nutrients and vitamin C. It is very low added sugar as the original puree concentrates pineapple juice used by ORIGINA factory comes naturally sweet. Taste it and you will love it.

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Our Specialties
• Best R&D
• High in vitamin C
• Very low added sugar
• Free cholesterol
• Free fat
• Free sodium

General health benefits
• Skin soother
•Improves immunity
•Offer antioxidant protection
•Improves Digestion
• Helps in controlling high blood pressure
• Assist in energy production

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Volume per pouch (ml)


Pieces per carton


Per 100 ml contains

Carbohydrates = 13 g / 2%
Cholesterol= 0 mg / 0%
Fat= 0g / 0%
Sodium= 11 mg/ 0%
Vitamin C = 16.9 mg/ 28%


Purified Water,
Pineapple juice concentrate
Antioxidant (E300)
Permitted food additives (E440a,E331,E330)
Preservatives (E202)& Flavoring


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