ORIGINA Pomegranate Juice 220ml (25pcs)



ORIGINA Pomegranate juice is made from premium pomegranate fruit concentrates source from Mediterranean countries. ORIGINA Pomegranate juice is categorized as superfruit juice as it has multiple richness in anti-oxidant compared to others, maximum nutritional benefits which promotes health benefits, anti-aging, and anti-cancer.

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Our specialities
• Best R&D
• High in vitamin C
• Free cholesterol
• Free fat
• Free sodium

General Health Benefit
• Rich in antioxidant
•Improves immunity
• Protect cells from damage,
•Improves Digestion
• Reduces risk of heart disease
• Help in a weight loss

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Volume per pouch (ml)


Pieces per carton



Purified Water,
Pomegranate juice concentrate
Antioxidant (E300)
Permitted food additives (E440a,E331,E330)
Preservatives (E202)& Flavoring

Per 100 ml contains

Carbohydrates = 14.7 g / 5%
Cholesterol= 0 mg / 0%
Fat= 0g / 0%
Sodium= 3 mg/ 0%
Vitamin C = 65.5 mg/ 110%


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