UltiMate Germagic Air Purifier

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Ultimate Features:

1.【Germagic HEPA Filter】Equipped with Germagic antimicrobial coating to kill virus and bacteria

• MERS-CoV (Virucidal Effectiveness – 98.80%*)

• H1N1 (Virucidal Effectiveness – 99.96%*)

• Influenza A (Virucidal Effectiveness – 99.42%*)

• Influenza B (Virucidal Effectiveness – 99.46%*) *Tested by Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center | Guangzhou Institute of Respiratory Disease Medicine Co., Ltd | 2016 Germagic purification process – Killing Harmful Microbes in 3 ways 1. Contact Killing – Virus and bacteria are eliminated upon contact with Germagic Filter

i. Anti-Adhesion – Germagic coating prevents sticking and build-up of microbial carcass to filter. Keeping surface constantly clean.

ii. Release Killing – Active release of Anti-Microbial Agents seeks and destroy harmful microbes.


2. 【Carbon Filter】Enhances purification process by removing odors.

3. 【Auto Air Quality Detection and Light Indicator】 • Red light (Poor Air Quality Detected) – Air purifier will operate at high speed • Blue light (Medium Air Quality Detected) – Air purifier will operate at medium speed • Green light (Good Air Quality Detected) – Air purifier will operate at low speed

4. 【Sleep Mode】Experience ultimate peace as sleep mode enables quiet operation, leaving you a silent and quality night’s sleep.

5. 【Aromatherapy】You can add your desire essential oil to enhance the atmospheric ambience and reap the aromatic intrinsic benefits that will soothe your mind, body and spirit, induce ultimate relaxation.


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