HN Pure Cool me Personal Purifier Fan (White/Silver)

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Brand Dyson
Model Cool Me
Product Type Air Cooler
Colour White/Silver
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Keep cool and stay cool with Dyson’s Pure Cool Me Personal Purifier Fan. Engineered to help improve air quality, a sealed filter combines an activated carbon and glass HEPA filter. Together, they capture gases and ultrafine particles from the air. It then uses Dyson Core Flow technology to project cooling, filtered air – precisely where you need it.

Key Features

The first Dyson personal purifier fan
Purified air to cool you, with Dyson’s latest air projection technology.
Cool with purified air – Not dirty air
Dyson’s personal purifier fan is engineered to help improve air quality. It projects cooling, filtered air – wherever you need it.
Captures gases and pollutants and keeps them trapped.
The machine’s sealed filter combines an activated carbon and glass HEPA layer, capturing gases and 99.95% of ultrafine particles from the air*.
Focused airflow, at your fingertips
Precisely control your airflow. By adjusting the dome’s position, you can angle the flow higher or lower.
Dyson Core Flow technology
Only Dyson personal purifier fans use Dyson Core Flow technology. This guides high-velocity air jets over a convex surface to project a focused stream of air.
A comfortable night’s sleep
Set the sleep timer for anywhere between 15 minutes and 8 hours. So you can keep cool and comfortable while you rest.
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