Syntium 500 (15W 40) (4 Liter)


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Designed with °CoolTech™ Technology to Fight Excessive Engine Heat

Modern driving condition like stop – start driving, idling in city, driving with heavy leak, acceleration on highways, driving up steep hills and many more put engines under a lot stress that can lead to excessive heat buildup. Excessive engine heat generation is not limited to one particular country or driving patterns; it is common issue engines face across the globe.

PETRONAS Syntium 500 15W – 40 is formulated with °CoolTech™ to fight excessive engine heat. °CoolTech™ target the critical heat zones – engine parts affected by excessive heat inside the engine to effectively absorb & transfer the excessive heat and regulates the temperature, defending the engine critical components from damaging and loss of performance.

PETRONAS Syntium 500 15W – 40 is recommended for use in most types of passenger cars and latest model high performance cars fitted with duel injections, multi-valves, turbochargers operating under the demanding conditions.

The experience gathered by PETRONAS on the F1 circuits and most important motoring events and competitions has enabled the development of PETRONAS Syntium; a range of hi- tech lubricants capable of meeting the needs of new generation engines – both on track and on the road. 

Note: Always consult your owner’s manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle.

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