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VGR Professional Shaver V-331


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Product Specification

The VGR V-331 is a versatile and high-quality electric shaver with several notable features:

  1. Design and Build:
    • Dual Flexing Foil: Designed to adapt to facial contours for optimal coverage.
    • Materials: Made from high-quality plastic (ABS) and features a stainless steel mesh razor for durability.
    • Waterproof: Can be used for wet and dry shaving, with an IPX4 waterproof rating​ (VGR Australia)​​ (VGR Factory)​.
  2. Performance:
    • Motor and RPM: Equipped with a powerful 5W motor running at 4500±500 RPM.
    • Battery and Charging: Uses a 600mAh NI-MH rechargeable battery. It has a usage time of 50 minutes and requires 8 hours to fully charge​ (VGR Factory)​​ (​.
    • Global Voltage Compatibility: Supports 100-240V, making it suitable for use worldwide​ (VGR Australia)​​ (Revive Plus)​.
  3. Convenience:
    • USB Rechargeable: Can be charged using a USB cable, making it easy to charge from various devices like laptops or power banks.
    • Accessories: Includes a USB charging cable, cleaning brush, storage bag, replacement shaver head, and a user manual​ (VGROFFICIAL.IN)​​ (​.
    • Portability: Its compact size (9.5 x 2.8 x 5.5 cm) and lightweight (127g) design make it travel-friendly​ (Revive Plus)​.
  4. Additional Features:
    • LED Display: Indicates battery level to avoid unexpected power loss.
    • Maintenance: Comes with care instructions to ensure longevity, including dry cleaning with a brush and replacing cutters and foil assemblies as needed​ (VGROFFICIAL.IN)​.

Overall, the VGR V-331 offers a comfortable and precise shaving experience, making it a reliable choice for daily grooming needs.

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